Dog Walking

Stuck in work all day? Out with family and friends? Or just don't have the time to walk your dog. Not to worry, Leannes Doggy B&B will come to collect and return your dog come it rain or shine. We offer one to one walks or in groups depending on what service suits you and your dog. We are experienced dog walkers handled all temperaments and breeds. We are qualified in canine first aid and CPR. So if your dog(s) injure their self you have the piece of mind that we can deal with this before taking them to the vet. We are DBS checked (formally known as CRB) and licensed key holders. We always walk dogs in enclosed areas, so you know they are happy and safe. If your dog suffers from travel sickness this is not a problem we can walk them at their local parks, we will send you pictures and videos whilst your dog is out with us. So its peace of mind for you. 

A meet and greet will be arranged so you get to meet me and see how your dog is around me. A registration form must be completed, this can be done on the meet and greet. If you have any other enquires please contact me.

Doggy Day Care

Do you work? Do you have a day out planned? Is your dog stuck at home all day? Here at Leanne’s Doggy B&B we offer half days and full days of doggy day care. This service works around you. You can drop off and pick up at a time that suits you. Its a day of playing and socialising with other dogs. We will give them their meals at their set times, so we keep their routines. 

Half day care is up to 4 hours. Your dogs will receive one 60 minute walk (depending on breed of dog). Play time and chill out time. Full day care is up to 8 hours. Your dogs will receive two 60 minute walks (depending on breed of dog) as well as play time and chill out time. We ensure when you collect your dog they will be tired and happy. You will receive pictures and messages while they are here at doggy day care. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Dog Home Boarding

Do you have a special holiday booked? is it your wedding day? or have a party planned? Not sure where your dog/s are going to go.

Here at Leanne’s Doggy B&B we offer a home from home boarding service. Your dogs will have the run of our home and garden. We do not use kennels or cages (unless you supply) All dogs have a daily routine which we follow so we can settle your dog(s) into their new environment. All dogs love attention and receiving affection, when boarding with Leanne's Doggy B&B they will receive this 100% from me and my family. Our home is a none smoking, clean home with an enclosed garden with 6ft fencing. We always use animal friendly cleaning products.

Whilst your dog is here we will send you daily pictures and videos so you can see how they are enjoying their time here. After all they are on their holidays too!  

We ask that all dog are friendly, up to date with vaccinations, fled and wormed. When your dog is boarding with us we ask you to supply their beds, food, leads, harness and any special toys. This helps your dog to settle in easier with a scent from home. If its your dogs birthday while they are with us please let us know as we will celebrate it for them with a dog birthday cake and balloons. We plan trips to the park and beaches while here at Doggy B&B.

A meet and greet will be arranged that suits you this is so that you can see where your dog will be staying and for them to get a feel for our house. Their vet record must be brought along so a copy can be taken to put on file along with a registration form. 

Pet Taxi

Not everyone drives, so Leanne’s Doggy B&B offers a transport service, where we will transport your pets to the requested destination. If its to the vets, groomers or to visit family and friends. A lot of public taxis are not keen on having animals in their cars. So this is where we help you. If you need to book this service please contact me. 

Cat / Dog And Puppy Visits

This service is offered to you if its just a house visit to feed your cat, dog or check in on your puppy. we can feed them,  play with them and clean out their litter trays.  We are happy to follow any instructions you leave so they are in their own routine. We will also bring in your post, switch on any lights and draw your curtains. We work around you! 

This is a great service for when you get a new puppy. Puppies cannot be left alone for long periods of time. So whilst you are at work we can take the stress out of this where we can nip in and make sure they are ok.  If you wish to book this service please contact me. A meet and greet will be arranged that suits you, a registration form must be competed. We are DBS checked (CRB Checked) and licensed key holder. 

Home Sitting

We offer this service for those animals who are more settled in their own home. This takes the stress out of moving them, which we understand. So to keep your pets happy and stress free we are happy to mind them in their own home. We keep their routines of feed time, play time and exercise as we will take them out in their local parks. Any instructions you leave will be followed. We are DBS checked, Licensed key holders and also qualified in canine first aid and CPR. While we mind your pets in your home regular pictures, videos and messages will be sent to you via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. You can enjoy what it is your doing knowing your pets are safe and happy. If you want any more infomation on this service, we can arrange a meet and greet where any questions you may have can be answered. You will  fill in a registration form for your pet.

Puppy Socialising Classes

As a new owner of a adorable new puppy, we need to start them from young being around other dogs. So here at Doggy B&B we run a socialising class, this is where your puppy can be around other puppies in the comfort of my home. They will be safe as we have an enclosed garden. In the warmer months we set up ball pools, swimming pools and running tunnels. It is so much fun for them and me! Please note this service is only in use when a lot of interest is made. Please message me if you would like to book a class. 

Small Animal Boarding

Here at Leanne's Doggy B&B we also board small animals such as birds, caged animals, rabbits, reptiles and guinnie pigs. 

We know all animals have a daily routine, which we follow so your pets settle in their new environment, happy and stress free. We ask that you supply all indoor cages, food and bedding as we don’t have outdoor hutches. You will be kept up to date with pictures and messages so you will have peace of mind while your away. If you have any questions please contact me. 

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